Above Food Manifesto

For those who believe that their food should be real, not based on something real; they want every meal to be nourishing and natural, and seek the whole story—from field to fork—we say: Nothing is above nature.
Every flavour and ingredient has been waiting for you the whole time. All you had to do was listen and learn from the patterns of the earth, and what grows in it.
And now we’re experienced enough to hear that lesson; to trust that progress means looking backwards and forwards at the same time; that the answers are in ancient plants and our modern practices, in the stories as old as life and the knowledge we’re yet to uncover, and in the discoveries of our forebears and the hopes of all the generations to come.
Afterall, food is essential for life. Now is the time to make the whole story work for all life on earth.

Nothing is Above Nature


Above Food Inc. is a plant-based protein company that cultivates, grows, and distributes delicious, nutrient-rich products naturally using the shared wisdom of five generations of our family of farmers.

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Not all Protein is Created Equal

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There is a secret in plant-based protein that few people know about, and even fewer want us to talk about. Most plant-based protein products only offer a fraction of the Amino Acids we need, in a form our bodies know what to do with. Amino Acids are the building blocks of our cells and support every function of the human body. Which means if we rely on these products for our protein, we expose ourselves to the risk of being well fed, but malnourished.


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All of our food starts with a seed. For five generations we have found ways to create unique, healthy varieties that give people all the nutrients they need. Our food is whole by nature’s design. We know every step of its journey from our fields to people’s plates. We know its impact on the environment, we know who touched it, we know its whole story. And we tell it proudly.